Bike adventure #1

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This happened the week of Halloween on Tuesday. I was riding the bike to work and I noticed it was taking a lot more energy than usual to pedal. I look at my tires and everything looks fine. The tire just looks like it’s spreading because I’m using it. I keep biking and this is my thought process as I ride.

(Keep checking the front tire)
It does look a little flat…keep pedaling…(I cross the bridge in Kahuku right before the little Catholic church and look down at the front tire). Oh no! It’s getting more flat! (I get to the Catholic church, look down again to check) and it’s FLAT!! ugh! (I get off the bike and start walking to the high school. Glad it’s not that far.

At recess I go to the PE locker room and my friends, Andrew and James, help me pump my tires back up.
At the end of lunch, the front tire is flat again!
Thankfully David came and picked me up after school!

Fast forward to Tuesday.
James K came by with the green Slime that he told me about on Monday. The Slime was to help me fix the tube without having to buy another one.
David helped me fix it and now it’s all good!
But as I rode my bike on Thursday, I was (and still am) paranoid about my front tire.


Biking adventure #2 and #3

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I thought it wouldn’t be that bad and the sun was kinda peeking out but nope. HUGE puddles!!
I need fenders. It was so muddy and avoiding the water on the road was harder than I thought!

I got mud all over my legs and arms!!
And my back…

When I came home that day, I found this at the door!

Thank you!! To whoever did this!!
It actually helped me out today! (11.5.10) I ended up riding home in the pouring rain!
Riding in the rain + glasses = foggy lenses, stung eyes, NOT FUN! I laughed as I rode home because it was such a comical situation!! There were some points where I couldn’t see and had to look OVER my glasses. I had to run through puddles or risk getting hit by the cars.
(It’s days like this when I wish we could afford contact lenses…and rent…and bills…. But that’s besides the point.)

First post with WordPress

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Let’s start with Halloween!